Floral Design Class: ​Birds of Paradise

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Floral Design Class: ​Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise with Darryn Murphy & Sickles Floral Team 
May 30th, 6:45pm-9pm
$120 per person

It’s time for some Tropical Arrangements! This class will feature some of the most unique flowers you can find in regions with warm climates. First things first, you will learn how to design a tall arrangement that will without a doubt, be a topic of conversation! Tropical flowers by nature are long lasting and are some of the most visually interesting plants. Starting off with a base of branches, we will then add in birds of paradise, unusual leaves, protea, anthuriums, ginger, and orchids. This class will illuminate on where these flowers originated and how we are able to get them in the United States. You will finish this class with a better understanding of Tropical flowers and a beautiful arrangement to bring home!