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GMOs & Sickles Market

Recently, customers have been asking us about GMOs and whether we sell GMO produce and food products. 

At Sickles Market, we sell no GMO fresh produce at all.  

How do we know this? We know because we talk to our growers. We ask questions about the crops, how they’re grown and where the seed comes from.

So what are GMOs and what foods are they in? GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms whose genetic makeup (DNA) has been altered a way that wouldn’t occur either through traditional cross breeding techniques (hybridization) or naturally in the wild. This manipulation of DNA is called genetic engineering. In agriculture, some crops such as corn and soy beans have been modified to improve resistance to pests and herbicides, improve nutritional value or environmental adaptability (eg. drought or salt resistant). Most GMOs you will come across are in processed foods which contain some form of corn or soy beans.

How do I  know if food contains GMOs? This is a good question. At the moment there is no law requiring labelling of GMO foods. We think consumers have the right to know what’s in their food and believe that products containing GMOs should be labeled.

I’m concerned about GMOs in my food. How can I shop at Sickles? If you prefer to eat food you know is GMO free,  shop our fresh produce and organic packaged products. Anything that is organic is GMO free as USDA National Organic Standards prohibits GMOs.

Look for the USDA Organic symbol and the non-GMO label on many of our packaged food items.