Sickles Market is proud to offer personal shopping services with a choice of curbside pickup or delivery. Please see below for instructions and some of our selection. Every department at Sickles is available for personal shopping! The deli, seafood, butcher, gifts & kitchen essentials, the fine cheese department, the floral department, the gourmet grocery and more! Have all your Sickles favorites shopped for you.



To place an order for curbside pickup or delivery send an email to, in this email we need: Your name, your phone number a choice of curbside pickup or delivery, and a detailed shopping list. There is a $15 charge for this service, and delivery is free for only the following: Red Bank, Fair Haven, Little Silver, and Rumson. Right now our turnaround for this service is 2-4 days. That is subject to change depending on the volume of orders. Once you submit your order to us via email, you will eventually receive a confirmation email. Do not call us to follow up, we will call you to go over your list and to set up payment.

Please place orders for the garden center separately by sending your requests to: The garden center’s busy season has begun! If you are not able to come shop we will accept your order via email but it may take up to 3-7 days for your request to be completed. To see some of our selection in the garden center click here.  


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Cheese & Charcuterie

Parmigiano Reggiano |Fromage D’Affinois | Tickler Cheddar Ben’s Cream Cheese | Pesto alla Genovese | Honey Butter Marcona Almonds | Firehook Crackers |Di Bruno Crostini |Pecorino Romano | Aged Gouda| Fresh Ricotta| Smoked Salmon | Olive Bar | Prosciutto, Salami and other Cured Meats

Try our cheese bundles

Taste of Italy $30

Monte Sibillini A compact, pale yellow Pecorino with a rich, persistent flavor. It’s somewhat herbaceous, and that’s down to a thyme infusion in the curds during the cheese’s early production stages. Quite nice with a drizzle of orange blossom honey. Marches, Italy. Sheep Milk.

Parmigiano ReggianoOur classic two year aged Parmigiano grates and melted wonderfully and imparts delicious nuttiness to whatever it’s on or in. Parm’s flavor is immense but balanced, with its spicy, salty, sweet and umami elements existing is equal measure. It’s rather a regal table cheese, too, and gives a majestic touch to various antipasti, contorni and charcuterie assortments. Chunk, crumble, shave Parm and serve with figs, prosciutto, olives and whatever else you fancy. Reggio-Emilia, Italy. Cow Milk.

 Robiola Any member of a family of cheeses from Italy’s sprawling Northwest.  A robiola is typically young and soft-ripened with a creamy, luxuriant texture.  Although its flavor varies according to its unique blend of milks, robiola’s flavor tends to be an engaging array of milky, earthy and mineral tones.  Pair robiola with diverse foods and beverage, for its greatest attribute is arguably its versatility.  Piedmont / Lombardy, Italy.  Cow, Sheep and / or Goat Milks.

-Upgrade $10 Creminelli Salami

Taste of France $30

Brillat Savarin This triple-crème par excellence is named after Jean Antheime Brillat Savarin, an 18th Century French gourmet personality. It is an exceptedly milky but with faintly sour lilt. Pair your slice of Brillat Savarin with Medjool Dates & Champagne. Bourgogne & Normandie, France. Cow Milk.

Tome Chabrin Chabrin is purported to have been in production for the past 3800 years. It is delicate, with sweet and citrusy flavors, and its texture is solid, with a certain moist and buttery heft. Maybe because this tome is so yummy and versatile its popularity is so enduring. Pretty good stuff to wash down with Sancerre. Macaye, France. Goat Milk.

Pico Affine Pico is a small round chevre with an exceedingly creamy paste and a think wrinkly rind. It looks rather like a little Camembert, right down to the wooden box that encases it. But in terms of flavor, Pico is very much to its own cheese. Its earthiness is as big and deep as the ocean and undulates with buttery, mushroomy and yeasty tones. Pair Pico with a darker, more robust honey. Aged 1-2 months. Perigord, France. Goat Milk.

-Upgrade $10 Pate de Campagne

  The Cheesemonger’s Pick $30

Challerhocker A relatively new cheese on the ‘Alpine scene.’ Challerhocker commands the same respect as something its established counterpart Appenzellar or Urner Bergkase  gets. Its flavor is largely buttery, too, with very compelling caramel and sour cream notes. Challerhocker means ‘sitting in the cellar,’ which without a doubt is a reference to its lengthy ripening period. Made and aged by Walter Ross. Aged 10 months minimum. St. Gallen, Switzerland. Cow Milk.

 Barber’s 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar The Barber family is the longest operating cheddar producer in the world. Their flagship cheese is 1833 Vintage Reserve, whose taste and texture are quintessentially English. Its flavor is sharp and tangy, with a nutty backend. And its mouthfeel is creamy and buttery, with a slight crunch. 1833 Vintage Reserve is as good in a ploughman’s lunch as it is in a savory soufflé. We like it best with a drizzle of Runamok maple syrup and sliced Gala apples. Aged two years. Somerset, England. Cow Milk.

Corsu Vecchiu Charmingly rustic, Corsu Vecchiu is a small tome with a mold speckled rind with the impression from the basket in which the cheese sat during its early stages of curing. Its paste is dense, semi firm, with an occasional hole. Corsu Vecchiu’s flavor is briny, grassy and sweet at once. It naturally pairs well with all things Mediterranean: figs, dates, olives and honey. Corsica. Sheep Milk.

-Upgrade $10 Marcona Almonds



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Gourmet Grocery

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