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Bring in your own Orchid
Wednesday, Feb 15   11 am – 12:30 pm
Instructors: Kellie & Natale
Fee: $45  Limit: 12 ppl/class

Have an orchid that is out of bloom? We’ll help you bring it back to life! Learn tips to keep your orchid healthy and encourage new growth. Materials included for repotting: decorative moss, wire, curly willow, bark mix and a terra cotta pot. If you desire a different pot or a different orchid, we have a large selection to choose from at an additional cost.

Thursday, Feb 23     3:30 pm – 5 pm
Instructor: Catherine
Fee: $125.00  

The first step in creating these sleek arrangements is to choose flowers that feature blooms in the same color scheme. Your arrangement will look fresh and crisp using a clear vase working with a mix of flowers that vary in size and texture. Along with tips and tricks on flower conditioning, you’ll learn lifelong flower skills to create future arrangements at home. Take home your arrangement for all to enjoy!


Saturday, Feb 25   
11:00am – 12:30pm
Instructors: Kellie & Melissa
Fee: $125.00  Limit: 10 ppl/class

The orchid, a symbol of beauty, longevity, and abundance, stays in bloom for several months – much longer than a bouquet. Sickles’ Custom Potting Team will teach you the Art of Orchid Arrangements for your day-to-day life and special occasions. Beautify your surroundings by taking home your own orchid arrangement that will give you a sense of peace and harmony. Materials included: one Phalaenopsis Orchid, one decorative pot, potting bark mix, decorative materials such as moss, stones, curly willow, birth or bamboo, and moss wire. If you prefer a different pot or orchid, we have a large selection to choose from at an additional cost.


From Your BACKYARD to your TABLE
Sunday, Feb 19   11:00 am
Sunday, April 16   11:00 am
Instructors: Natale and Kelsey
Fee: $25 per class   Limit: 25 ppl/class

This is the year to give yourself the Gift of Food. You’ll never eat a better tomato, zucchini, or pepper than the first ones you grow yourself! Growing your own vegetables is delicious and rewarding. It can be a cost savings for you, too! Join us for an informative lecture where we will discuss the first steps in setting up your vegetable garden. Learn how to care for it and get the maximum yield from the seeds you plant. Already have a vegetable garden but need some tips? We can answer your questions!


5 Classes in a Series
2:00 PM – Feb 26, Mar 5, Mar 12, Mar 19, April 30
Instructors: Kevin, Kelsey & Maegan

Fee: $125.00/5 classes OR $30 per class

As we look forward to the onset of Spring in the cold gray of winter, our idle hands and eager minds can find purpose in preparing for the glorious Spring season. In this Series we will explore what it means to be organic and how you can work with nature to create your own patch of paradise, bursting with life and lusciousness. You can sign up for individual classes or as a full spectrum of learning -from compost to companion planting with all five. Click here for a detailed description of each class. Whether you are a seasoned gardener, a curious beginner or someone yearning for knowledge and a community of fellow garden enthusiasts, we would love for you to join us!


Thursday, March 24   3:30 – 5;00 pm
Instructor: Catherine

Fee: $135.00

Spring is around the corner! Using spring flowers, bulbs, and branches – Catherine will demonstrate the best way to create a natural floral arrangement with twine and branches to enhance the vessel holding the arrangement. Take home your arrangement for all to enjoy!



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