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April Cheese Lover’s Letter!

Spring is in full bloom and the Sickles Cheese mongers are here to give some recommendations, suggested pairings and deals!

Here are some select cheeses and other products.

THE Wheel Deal: Malvarosa

Similar to classics like Manchego and Ossau Iraty style cheese such as Secret de Compostelle, Malvarosa is a stand out cheese for any cheeseboard. Malvarosa is a fairly new sheep milk cheese on the scene and was created to save the nearly extinct Guirra Sheep. Its flavors are a delicious amalgam of nutty, buttery, and sweet caramel-like tones. Its texture is elastic, rich, and smooth, unlike its Spanish counterpart, Manchego. Malvarosa is great when coupled with quince paste and cherry jam on tapas plates. Try working Malvarosa into salads and quiches. Pair with Grenache and full bodied Riojas.
Valencia, Spain
Pasteurized Sheep Milk Reg $24.99lb

Spotlight Item: La Tur

Extraordinary in its buttery richness, La Tur is almost like Delice de Bourgogne. Beyond the textural similarity, it’s a very different cheese. Its flavor is a combination of milky, lemony, and mineral tones; and its complexity is attributed to its blended milk composition. Pair with a sparkling white or a hard cider.
Bosia, Italy
Pasteurized Cow, Goat & Sheep Milks
Antibiotic Free $13.49 each

Monthly Pairing:

Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains

One of our most favorite treats from the West coast has finally made its way to the East, right here at Sickles in Red Bank! Donna Moodie, owner of Seattle based restaurant Marjorie Restaurant, was inspired by her mother’s traditional Jamaican cooking when creating these addictive crisps. Originally served as a signature appetizer at Marjorie, we can now enjoy Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains at home or on the go. Spice, crunch, sweet, and savory… what is there to not like? As delicious as they are on their own, try pairing these plantains with your favorite cheeses, such as triple crèmes, Manchego, fresh goat cheeses, cheddar, and so much more. Work them into nachos, dips, and even ceviche. Non-GMO.
Producer: Donna Moddie, Marjorie Restaurant
Seattle, Washington Reg. $5.99 each

Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta

Meredith Dairy produces arguably the world’s most incredible Feta. It is made from morning milk, turned into cheese by noon, and then bathed in premium olive oil infused with spices and sprigs of herbs. Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta is creamy, tangy, garlicky, and herbaceous. It is an ideal enhancement for salads and omelets and a perfect accompaniment to rustic bread and Pinot Grigio. Made by the Cameron’s at their family farm. Vegetable Rennet.
Victoria, Australia
Sheep and Goat Milks Reg. $11.99 each

Eat what you love,

Sickles Cheese mongers


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