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Pasta alla Carbonara — Anytime of the Day!

We love pasta alla Carbonara because the flavors remind us of a savory breakfast.  Easy to make and easy to please. Best of all, the ingredients call for the staples you may already have in the house, so preparing this could be a real cinch.   While there are purist recipes to make Carbonara—we do recommend using Spaghetti or Rigatoni shape—this is a simple all day meal recipe you can tweak to your fancy.

Makes 2 servings

250g bag of dried pasta (half a box)

3 eggs

4 strips of Bacon

1 cup Grated Pecorino Cheese* 




1.        Cut the bacon strips into small chunks.  In a large pan (large enough to fit the pasta, later) begin to cook the bacon on medium heat.  When the bacon fat renders and it begins to get crispy, turn off heat. Add pepper to taste. 

2.        While the bacon is cooking prepare a large pot of salted water and bring to a boil.

3.        Throw in the pasta!  Be sure to look at how long the package suggests for cooking time.  You will want this pasta to be extra al dente out of the pot.

4.        Combine the cheese and eggs in a bowl and carefully whisk to incorporate, but not fully scrambled.  Then add to the bacon pan whose heat is turned off.  Let rest.

5.        After the pasta is cooked, drain completely, so as to leave no water.  Then add to the bacon pan.

6.        Turn the heat on medium and stir gently with two spoons.  Don’t scramble, but whirl together all the ingredients.  About 1 minute.  When the pasta and egg cling together but still looks just a little runny, turn off heat.  Transfer to a large serving bowl and enjoy immediately.  Add pepper and EVOO to taste.  Enjoy!

*For a classic we recommend the Gran Cacio Estruco from the Cheese Department 


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