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The Good Stuff Bulletin: Week of Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 – January 16th, 2022

It’s cold at Sickles but it feels like the tropics inside our Greenhouse!!! Look out for tons of delicious deals to enjoy with for the football games this weekend! Read on to learn out about our multi-layered pasta of the month, it’s unlike anything you’ve have. Exciting announcement regarding Semolina Pasta! Make your homemade pasta dish even better.

Sickles Little Silver Demos

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022: Shitake Sweet Potato Mac

Thursday, January 13th, 2022 : Sicilian Fennel Salad 

Friday, January 14th, 2022 Puttanesca Sauce and the new fresh Semolina Pasta (Tagliatelle). 

Have you tried our Page Mandarin oranges!?!

This variety is sweet and full of flavor!⁠ It is a cross between a Minneola Tangelo & Clementine Mandarin. Well-known for its long hang time and reported to remain on the tree for as long as four months, many believe the Page to be the finest of all Mandarins. The fact that it ripens early has a long hang time, is small to medium in size and tastes delicious all contribute to its popularity.⁠ Fun fact The Page variety is actually 3/4 tangerine and 1/4 grapefruit!⁠

Pasta of the Month!

Our Pasta of the Month is truly something special! This dish is the best of savory and sweet, creamy sauce with a blend of hearty textures. Shiitake Sweet Potato Mac with Fusili, Shiitake Mushrooms, Sweet Potato, Leeks, Heavy Cream, Raclette, Cream Cheese, Rosemary, Butter, Salt & Pepper.

The Semolina is in!

More exciting pasta news! Semolina Pasta is now available at Sickles Market in Little Silver as well as Sickles Red Bank! You will never have better pasta at home than without Semolina, the freshest pasta sold right to you.⁠ We suggest you top with a poached egg or burrata for extra tasty goodness! Available in varieties such as Rigatoni, Tagliatelle, ⁠Orecchiette, Pappardelle & more! ⁠

Belfour Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

A true Small Batch, only 95 barrels comprised this one-time release. Staying true to the Belfour’s commitment to unique flavors, this wheated bourbon comes alive with beautiful aromas like wildflower honey. Creamy sweet flavors lead to a finish that is complex and evolving. You will likely enjoy notes of honey graham cracker, candied orange peel, and sweet pipe tobacco. Winner of the 2021 Triple Gold in the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards.

Take a look at the tropical plants that came in from Florida!


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