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Tropical Houseplants: Your Favorite New Hobby!

More beautiful tropical plants have arrived in the garden center in Sickles Market in Little Silver! These plants are to provide comfort and maybe even a bit of color to your room. Many of these new plants are perfect for first-time plant owners! 

Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’ 

Alocasia Baginda ‘ Dragon Scale’ – one of the ‘Jewel Alocasias’ is a rare find. These compact plants boast dramatic textured foliage resembling that of a dragon scale. As a prized specimen, these plants require special care, but will reward you with beautiful foliage. Alocasia love bright, indirect light and high humidity, so keep away from drafty locations and vents!  For watering, allow the top 2-3″ to dry between watering to ensure the plant isn’t sitting in soil that is too wet.

Philodendron ‘Birkin’

Philodendron ‘Birkin’ is a rare, beautiful statement plant with large glossy leaves that adds a pop of color to any space! They are easy to care for but do thrive in bright, indirect light and in soil that is nothing but peat moss. When watering, allow the top of the soil to dry in between waterings. 

Alocasia ‘Tiny Dancer’

A new hybrid of Alocasia has gained popularity because of its unique upward-facing and cup-like foliage. This particular Alocasia can withstand a range of lighting conditions, from fluorescents in the office to bright filtered light, but always avoid direct sun. Keep in a warm area and water similarly to the ‘Dragon Scale’ and other Alocasias. 

Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’

A striking Alocasia with dark, almost black, with velvet leaves and white or silver veins. In its natural habitat, the foliage absorbs all light waves, whereas the veins reflect them. Place in an area with bright, indirect light and avoid any cold drafts. Watering is the same as with other Alocasias.


Tillandsias are attractive and exciting members of the pineapple family, otherwise known as the bromeliad family. They are native in the southern United States, Mexico, and Central and South America. Most Tillandsias grow on trees or rocks without soil. They receive all of their nutrients and water through fuzzy gray scales on their leaves called trichomes. They like bright light but not direct sunlight—a shaded patio or near a bright window in the house. Make sure you keep your tillandsia from severe cold. It likes fresh moving air from time to time. Wet your plant 1-2 times a week. A spray or mist bottle can be used as long as you thoroughly wet the plant.

Stromanthe Tristar

The Stromanthe Tristar adds a great pop of color to your home. These full plants will grow two to three feet high and one to two feet across at maturity with the proper care. Full variegate foliage with vibrant shades of pink and prefers bright, indirect light. Keep soil evenly moist using distilled water. Rotate weekly to ensure even growth


An easy and forgiving starter plant for first-time growers. Moderate to fast-growing and low maintenance Prefers Indirect bright light but will tolerate low-light. Water, when the top inch of soil is dry or when the leaves start to droop. Will do well in temperatures above 50 degrees. but do your best to keep away from drafts or vents to avoid temperature fluctuations.


Available in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and patterns (includes String of Turtles), Slow-growing and low-maintenance. Prefers bright indirect light but will tolerate low-light or fluorescent lighting. Keep away from drafts and vents to avoid temperature fluctuations. Water them only when the soil is quite dry.


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