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Try Black Garlic for Flavor and Health

Black garlic has been used for centuries in Asian cuisine, and we’re thrilled to now carry it in our produce department.  It is aged garlic, whose fermentation process prevents spoilage, mellows out the harsh acidity, and contains twice the amount of anti-oxidants. Perhaps most refreshing of all, black garlic won’t give you that breath! The flavor is similar to regular garlic, however more sweet and mellow, like a balsamic glaze. Unlike regular garlic, black garlic will not overpower, either. It is an innovative tool for chefs, as we’ve noticed it on restaurant menus and even seen it appear on Iron Chef as a “secret weapon”. 

Sickles is proud to source our Black Garlic from Obis One, an organic farmer with roots in the Garden State. Obis One originated at Obisquahassit Farms in Southwest NJ, the state’s oldest operating farm since 1670.  There, Dr. Patrick Lloyd developed a proprietary fermentation method, slow aging it to maximize flavor, nutrients, and stability.  They have since moved their operation to Virginia and sell direct to chefs across the world.

You can find Obis One Black Garlic in the produce section near the basil and tomatoes. It certainly would pair right on bruschetta, smeared easily over toasted bread, or in any other application where you may use cooked garlic.  The supple texture makes it easier to portion and safer to cut. Black Garlic is absolutely excellent for meat rubs, mixed in with root vegetables, and added to soups and dressings.  Our Kitchen uses it in our new dressing found on the Tuna Tataki bowl, adding an earthy flavor that goes so nicely with the sweet potato noodles. Black Garlic will last a minimum of 6 months at room temperature, and we are already thinking about mashed potatoes in the fall. How will you try Black Garlic?


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