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Miso Adds Flavor and Aids Digestion

Tuna Tataki Noodle Bowl with Miso Master White Miso, Black Garlic, and Seed + Mill Tahini

Sickles has always made it our mission to Share Good Food, so we loved it when our Sushi Department introduced a delicious new dish, the seared Tuna Tataki Bowl, inspired by the new products on our Gourmet shelves. This noodle bowl comes with a rich and refreshing dressing made from Seed + Mill Tahini, organic Black Garlic, and Miso Master White Miso. Learning about Miso has been exciting because it is a versatile ingredient for all season cooking, and we found a great partner in Miso Master.

Hailing from North Carolina, Miso Master uses 100% organic American Soy and Rice to make this delicious paste.  It is a great culinary trick to add into vegetarian or vegan recipes to bring umami richness, or as a marinade for meats before they hit the grill.  Miso is also a great way to quickly enrich soup broths or to add a sweet and salty flavor to dressings, like on our Tuna Tataki.

Miso has been a culinary favorite in Japan for centuries.  Made from fermented soybeans and grains, the paste is loaded with probiotic digestive aids and amino acids known to fight cancer.  In addition, all of Miso Master’s miso are certified gluten free.  If trying miso at how for the first time, Mellow White is a great introduction.  The Mellow White is the youngest miso, which means it is less salty and more sweet than more aged.  Try spreading it on corn on the cob with butter, always a good move!  Or combined with mustard to make a salad or sandwich dressing.  Red Miso is aged for approximately 12 months, and as it ages it develops the deeper color.  Flavor follows color, signaling a richer, deeper flavor which you can take it more bold applications.  Spread over salmon before hitting the grill is a classic move.  Combined with lime juice, it makes a great sauce or marinade for fowl like chicken or turkey.  Or plainly added to broth will enrich your soup—just add protein or a starch.  

Since the product is a paste, whip it into a cream with any liquid ingredient, or add a little warm water.  Mixed with butter it can be a double umami threat.  Miso will last for approximately 18 months, kept in the refrigerator or freezer, giving you plenty of time to try it out during summer grilling or winter roasting.  Find it in our refrigerated dairy section.  


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